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Benefits of become an alumni


Alumni mentors provide guidance, support, and industry-specific insights garnered from their own experiences, fostering personal and professional development.

Personal Growth and Enrichment

Joining our alumni community enables individuals to remain informed about the latest trends, innovations, and advancements in their respective fields. It fosters a culture of continual learning and facilitates personal development throughout one's life.

Success Stories

Explore our success alumni register for inspiring stories and practical insights. These success stories inspire, connect, and guide our community, fostering collaboration and pride within our alumni network.

Experience Sharing

Registering or becoming an alumni grants access to invaluable experience sharing by successful alumni. This provides practical guidance, networking, and motivation, fostering personal and professional growth within the alumni network.

How to Register

Registering with Amoud University Alumni provides access to resources, mentorship, networking, career services, and exclusive benefits. It keeps you connected, fosters community contributions, and supports career growth and university updates.

Personal Information

The first section, requires your full name, gender, phone number, and a picture. This data helps in verifying your identity as an Amoud University graduate and remains confidential within our network

Academic Information

This section, includes details about your graduated department and year, essential for confirming your alumni status

Career Information

This section, requests details about your employment organization and job title, contributing to our understanding of alumni career paths. All information provided is solely for verification purposes and remains securely within our alumni network, ensuring confidentiality and exclusivity for our members.

Alumni: Connecting paths, inspiring journeys.

Alumni: Connecting paths, inspiring journeys. Join us for shared inspiration and connections.


As the Director of Alumni at Amoud University, I invite graduates to reconnect. Join our community, where past experiences shape future collaborations. Let's build lasting connections and shared successes.

Office of Alumni Affairs

Directory of ALumni Affair Office, AU

Your Path to Success

Alumni: Your path to success through mentorship, networking, and shared experiences.

Elite Achievers

As an alum, stay connected and be informed about the outstanding achievements of our alumni recognized each year at Amoud University.

Job Opportunities

Becoming an alumni enables you to access yearly job opportunities exclusively for our alumni network.

Participating Seminars

Becoming an alumni grants you access to enriching alumni seminars tailored to support your ongoing learning and professional development.

Mentorship program

Find the right mentor